VR Technology that is changing the world

How is Virtual Reality changing the world?


When people think of virtual reality, they usually connect it to gaming. However, there are numerous other industries which are using the innovative technology behind VR. So much so, that many believe it will change the future. Not only how we look at it through a virtual reality prism, but how we utilize it as a tool. This includes utilizing it in many aspects of our everyday lives.

Over the years, industries and people have finally begun to pay attention to virtual reality. In part, it is one reason why the VR headgear sales have increased dramatically. Conversely, websites which offer VR videos and content, have also seen a spike in their number of visitors. The same for the times their content has been viewed, commented on and downloaded. The porn industry in particular, has been experiencing an unprecedented rise in all of its VR porn categories. In fact, the number of VR porn sites or adult pages which offer VR sex videos has quadrupled this quarter alone.

Below, we take a look at the number of ways virtual reality can change the world.


Visiting Far Away Places

VR will impact looking at locations the same way Google Maps allows people to see streets and faraway places. Unlike Google Maps though, virtual reality apps can make it much more immersive. People will be able to take almost real life like tours. Not just of locations, but famous spots such as museums and historic landmarks.


The Medical Field

Doctors and surgeons need to train just like any other profession. However, their field is a bit more complicated since it involves real humans. Virtual reality will allow surgeons to be able to practice and perfect their skills. VR provides images of model specimens which are extremely accurate.



Gaming World

Although this is one of the industries people most associate VR with, the best is yet to come. For instance, Microsoft and its popular Xbox one gaming unit have yet to implement VR technology to their consoles and games. While they have Kinetic, you can bet VR headgear and games are on their way. Other companies will soon roll out many games specifically created for VR also.


The Film Industry

Watching movies which are completely immersive using VR technology is coming. It has been something many in the industry have been talking about for years. But unlike the past where it was mostly talk, it is finally happening. Already 3D movies are being offered and soon, virtual reality movies as well.


Flight Instruction

Flight simulators used to teach pilots to fly is already popular and in place. Yet with virtual reality, the simulators can be taken to another level. A pilots flying skills can be increased with the VR technology. Virtual reality is far more realistic and immersive than flight simulators.


Exploring Space & Other Planets

There are many people who spend hours looking at space using telescopes and other tools. With virtual reality engineering, much more can be done. When the cameras agencies are putting all over the planets begin sending images, people can view them through VR headgear.


Social Media & Dating

Decades ago one ever imagined that social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter would become so important to our daily lives. The same for thousands of dating sites and apps found all over. All of these tools can be made far more useful and enjoyable with VR. The possibilities are endless and one that most will not believe until it finally happens.