How Augmented Reality Will Change Sports?

How Augmented Reality Will Change Sports?

Those days are long gone when augmented reality was limited to video games only. Now, it is making its presence known in every arena, be it dating or sports. Here you can have a look at how augmented reality will make sports better for the players as well as the fans of a game.


Connecting the Fans and Players

The most powerful impact augmented reality can make on sports is to help connect the fans with the players by providing them exclusive video tours of the stadium or giving the fans a chance to meet their favorite sports star by participating in a competition. This kind of connection would help a team to build their loyal fans and will allow the fans an opportunity to connect with the players they have always admired.

Providing Access to the Fan Mail

Augmented reality can also allow the fans of a particular sports star to explore his or her fan mail and get access to a lot of vital information like video content, player stats, etc. The fans can also be provided with a selfie feature where they can click a selfie with the player and boast about it everywhere, including their social media channels. This kind of access will allow the fans who live in the remotest part of the world to feel connected with their sports idols.

Making Fans Empathetic

The power of augmented reality can also be used to allow fans to see why a particular sportsperson didn’t make a play for the ball when he or she had the opportunity. For instance, if fans are grumbling because a player didn’t hit a goal when he had a clear shot, they can be allowed to be in the player’s position with the help of AR and know the reasoning behind that call. This will make fans less critical and more understanding regarding a player’s decision. They will also feel more involved.

Collecting Consumer Data

Augmented reality can help sports teams and sponsors the ability to monitor the fans in real time and make use of it to collect data, information, and stats on fans. This information will be more likely given freely by the customers if they are feeling more connected to a team or their favorite player.  This data can be used to boost customer knowledge and enhance the value of sponsorship packages.

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