What is Augmented Reality? How Does It Work?

What is Augmented Reality? How Does It Work?

Thanks to the rising popularity of Snapchat filters and Pokémon Go, more and more people are getting curious about what is augmented reality and how does it work. If you are one of them, then you just need to scroll down as we have tried to simplify the complex concept for you.

Understanding Augmented Reality

The simple answer to what is augmented reality is – It is a process of laying digitally rendered images onto the real-world surroundings so that one user gets the illusion or experience virtual reality.

How Augmented Reality Works?

In almost every augmented reality application, you will see natural as well as synthetic light as projected images will be laid on the top of see-through glasses or goggles. The interactive virtual objects or images will be layered over your view of the real world. Most augmented reality devices will be untethered which means they won’t depend on a desktop computer or cable to function properly.

As augmented realities can now be displayed on everything from glasses to monitors and screens to handheld devices, more and more people are getting attracted towards it. According to experts, augmented reality will continue to advance in the future and that day is not far away when it will be applied to virtual retinal displays and contact lenses. In fact, Samsung has already filed a petition for augmented reality contact lenses several months back so you can experience AR with them sooner than you think.

Controlling Augmented Reality

Devices that are capable of making augmented reality more real are usually controlled by voice command or by touching a pad. The touchpads sense the pressure changes that take place when you tap or swipe on a specific spot. Similarly, voice commands work by picking up your voice through a minuscule microphone and using a microprocessor that interprets every command.

Many devices that work with the help of voice commands have a pre-defined set of commands that you can use. For instance, when you use voice commands on a Google Glass augmented reality device, using the words “OK, Glass” will alert your device to be prepared for the upcoming command. So, when you wish the augmented reality device like Google Glass to show you the latest news, you just need to say “Ok, Glass, show me the news” and it will obey the command instantly.

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